Thursday, 1 September 2016


This are lotto tips for stakes put together by Lwocblog (No 1 Africa Lottery Blog) to help all stakers to win lotto. 

 1.Don't play all games,choose games you play per day or possibly in a week it's very helpful.

2.Don't stake more than you can afford to avoid losing much. Think about other things you need to spend your money on.

3.Don't play lotto on credit. top avoid embarrassment.

4.If you have chosen lotto as your source of income,learn about the game and possibly learn how to forecast.

5, Don't depend on your strength alone to win lotto. Share with others.

6. Lotto is not a game you win everyday so stake wisely.

7. Have a permanent forecaster you believe in his or her ability of forecasting is good.

8. Join the winning team and your life will never remain the same.